The Hightened Series: 4/20 Opulent Takeover

By The Hightened Series (other events)

Saturday, April 20 2019 4:00 PM 10:00 PM

Come join us on April 20th, 2019 for the next installment of The Hightened Series, an enhanced sensory experience combining cannabis and the art of fine dining. Enjoy exquisite, sun-grown flower from Humboldt County’s own Humboldt Farms. Focus will be bringing the heat with their beautifully made concentrates. Try them out with artisanal made Topstone vaporizers. Sit down to the elegantly crafted cuisine from Opulent Chef while washing it all down with masterful drinks poured by Chron Vivant. Throughout the evening relax to a soundscape musical accompaniment created by The Josh Craig. Come meet the farmer, the hash maker, and the chef to experience the most forward thinking, unexplored, crop to kitchen concept of what fine dining is becoming now that cannabis is at the forefront.

Chron Vivant 

Created for the modern apartment bartender and gourmet home chef, Chron Vivant features artisanal recipes for the manufacture of cannabis cordials, liquors, small-batch syrups, and other potent potables.


Humboldt Farms

Humboldt Farms is California's leading and trusted source for quality cannabis. We are committed to nurturing the body and soul and inspiring the mind by providing the world's best sun-grown flowers and highest quality Cannabis products from the wild and beautiful, Humboldt County, California. At Humboldt Farms, we believe in the principle of CHOOSING KINDLY — for ourselves, our communities and our shared Earth. We aim to restore the health of the planet, to deepen the connection between us and the natural world, to cultivate meaningful relationships and to expand the human experience. 

IG: @humfarms

Focus Concentrates

Focus concentrates is an award winning boutique concentrates company specializing in diamonds swimming in terpene rich sauce. Everything is made from 100% organically sources materials. Find yours.

IG: @focusconcentrates 

Topstone Vaporizers

Cannabis concentrates' most discerning tastemaker. Topstone offers patented vaporizer design, crafted in New England. Topstone is your home-base for cultivating health, wellness, and balance with the help of concentrates. A vaporizer that fits in seamlessly at home. No throttling. No plastic. No blow torch. With Topstone, simply touch the button to heat and see the glass chamber fill with vapor as you inhale. Finesse your dose however you like it. Simple.  

IG: @topstone.projects

Opulent Chef

Executive Chef, Michael Magallanes, founded Opulent Chef with the understanding that the idea of opulence in modern restaurants has been redefined from its traditional meaning of truffles and caviar overly used on every dish, to using both common and unexplored ingredients with exceptional skill in preparation, creating an uncommon deliciousness on the plate. Cannabis, for him, falls into the category of an unexplored ingredient. Using his exceptional skill in preparing cannabis, his showcased artful creations exude an uncommon deliciousness on the plate. Come witness this magnificent gestalt shift that fine dining is undergoing powered by Opulent Chef.

IG: @opulentchef 

The Josh Craig

Josh describes his musical style as "honest and risk-taking...I developed my style by doing everything everyone told me not to do with music and chose what ultimately worked best for me." His sounds flow in complement to the ingredients and cannabis pairing of each course.

IG: @thejoshcraig

Sample Menu*

Asparagus, Hawthorn Berry, Ramps, Hazelnut, Hen Yolk, Nasturtium 

Hen of the Woods Mushroom, Potato, Shacha

Lamian, Pork, Daikon, Scallion

Milk Bread, Butter

Chicken Roulade, Celtuce, Nameko, Grapefruit, Pine Nut, Roasted Garlic Jus

Cotton Cheesecake, Blueberry, Sablé, Shiso

*Please note that this is not the final menu and dietary restrictions/preferences will only be accommodated if advanced notice of 3 days has been given. Thank you.


Must be 21 or older to attend